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SendCryption Purchase Page

Please select a SendCryption plan:

SendCryption Bronze Package
  • 50 MB data per transfer
  • 1 GB data per month
 $4.95 per month
 $49.95 per year

SendCryption Silver Package
  • 100 MB data per transfer
  • 2 GB data per month
 $9.95 per month
 $99.95 per year

SendCryption Gold Package
  • 256 MB data per transfer
  • 5 GB data per month
 $14.95 per month
 $149.95 per year

SendCryption Platinum Package
  • 512 MB data per transfer
  • 10 GB data per month
 $19.95 per month
 $199.95 per year


All SendCryption plans include:

  • Encrypted file upload, storage and download
  • Encrypted message upload, storage and download
  • Advanced Access Code security option
  • 15-day retrieval for recipients
  • Unlimited downloads
  • And much, much more!

SendCryption tries to keep our pricing straightforward and simple, and we believe that the plans listed above will meet the needs of 99% of our customers. However, we do recognize that some groups and/or organizations may have more specific needs that may not be met by our standard plans. If that describes your situation, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us tab above. A SendCryption representative will be happy to speak with you and try to structure a plan that is more specifically catered to your needs. 



*Customers may cancel accounts at any time, but no partial refunds will be issued for monthly or annual accounts once the charge has processed. Customers may use SendCryption as much or as little as they choose, but usage is completely at the discretion of the customer. Refunds will not be offered for past non-use or early termination of a monthly or annual account. Cancellation halts all future charges, but does not entitle the customer to any refund of past charges.

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